“I can say with confidence that Erika's treatment of Mayan massage did wonders for my body in several ways. When I first got to know her, I went to her for Mayan twice a month, when my periods were irregular and light. After a few months of treatment, I felt more energetic, relaxed, balanced, and my periods were back to levels I had not experienced since my twenties. After I suffered a miscarriage, the Mayan massage helped heal my mind and body, and I was happy to get pregnant just 6 months later. Throughout the pregnancy I went to see Erika, first twice a month, then once a week, as I got closer and closer to delivery. While I was in bedrest, the massage, I'm sure, helped me carry to term, and give birth to a healthy, 8 pound baby!


I chose Mayan massage, along with acupuncture, because I wanted to avoid the intrusive medicine I had experienced in hospitals, where specifically, my body reacted negatively to medication. I appreciated how Erika took into consideration, not just my uterus, or my reproductive system, but the whole body. Over the years that I went to her, she got to know me quite personally, and I looked forward to each treatment like it was a vacation break. She also helped restore confidence in my own body, and confidence, most importantly, to make my own choices to restore and preserve a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend not only Mayan massage, but also Erika in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for all you've done in the past few years!”





I have been seeing Erika for headaches, back and shoulder pain for over 4 years. I can say with confidence that she has been key in helping me with my pain. I am so grateful for her efforts and my quality of life is much improved!